Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Massages have tremendous health benefits and help relieve the body from pain. Some of the health benefits of massage include stress relief, helps deal with anxiety and lowers the blood pressure. Traditionally people sought professional massage services from spas or were forced to hire massage therapists. However, due to technological advancement, life has been made more comfortable. One can now get massaging services at his or her living room just by a click of a button. All one needs to do is purchase a massaging chair. A massage chair is a comfortable chair that helps cradle your body and provides a phenomenal relaxation and soothing experience. The chairs are affordable, user-friendly and convenient. To help you find the best type of massage chair that is tailored according to your needs, here are the top three best zero gravity massage chairs in the market. massage chair compare

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Chair

The seat boasts of being made of pure synthetic leather material and stylish design. Also, the chair because of its zero-gravity capabilities can be reclined to whatever position depending on the type of massage. The chair is uniquely designed and has an intelligent massage robot feature that can scan and make micro adjustments of the whole body focusing on sensitive body curve parts such as the lumbar, neck and shoulders. Osaki OS-4000 also boasts of having six auto massage programs that can help you customize your massage session according to your needs. The six auto programs are healthcare, relax, circulation, therapy, smart, and demo. Besides, the seat has a wide range of massaging styles to choose from, and they include combo, kneading, rolling, clapping, Swedish and shiatsu. Other features that Osaki- 4000 boasts of is the 32 airbags which are strategically located to help target the different parts of the body.

iRobotics 6 Ultimate Medical Massager

The chair boasts of unique features such as intelligent self-diagnostics features, total body massage, body stretching capabilities, and is zero gravity enabled. Also, the chair is fitted with over 100 airbags and robotic arms the massages the whole body. Besides, the chair has six different types of modes which are customized to suit your needs. The modes are healthcare, deep tissue massage, morning, night, Japanese and Swedish. One unique thing with this chair is that it is Bluetooth enabled hence one can be able to control it remotely by other Bluetooth enabled devices such as phones and tablets. The chair is also installed with an audio MP3 player with built-in speakers that enhances relaxation.

New Full-Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair

The chair is designed in such a way that it is easy to operate. The chair once turned on provides up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage that focuses on the whole body from the head to the toe. The chair has four auto programs that are specifically designed to offer different types of massages. The chair has five track rollers and can be easily adjusted to different positions. The chair also has a heat therapy feature that helps relax the back and the body muscles. The chair is zero gravity enabled. The chair because of it’s easy to use feature was voted as the best zero gravity chair in 2016.